It is very important, when you book an independent escort in Belgium, that you understand the conditions and typical terms of service. These are in place to protect both the girl and yourself, ensuring that everybody is happy at the end of your date. Let’s take a look at the main points.

Main Conditions and Terms of Service:

•    Privacy and confidentiality - The privacy of both yourself and your escort must be protected at all times. No records should be kept of your details, nor should you keep any details of the escort, bar perhaps her contact details for future use.
•    Companionship – An escort is only paid for her companionship, not for sex. Any sexual acts are undertaken between two or more mutually consenting adults.
•    The Law – Both yourself and the girl must be 18 years or older.
•    Exclusions and limitations – Generally speaking, the escort will not be held responsible or accountable for any direct loss, loss of profit or loss of property, damage to your property or any other incidental damage. This does not include negligence on the part of the escort.
•    Services – Escorts do not offer any services that are immoral or illegal. Independent escorts set their own prices and are responsible for their own tax and health insurance payments.
•    Bookings – Independent escorts have their own booking arrangements, which can be online, via the telephone or through a directory.
•    Payment – All payments must generally be made in cash. Some escorts are happy to accept foreign currencies, although this must be stipulated before she arrives.
•    Refunds and cancellations – Refunds are not given after the cancellation period. Each escort will set her own cancellation period, which is usually anything from two hours to five minutes. If you wish to cancel, you will generally not have to pay anything so long as it is outside of the cancellation period.
•    Terms of conduct – You will be expected to treat your escort with dignity and respect. She is, at any time, allowed to deny you any further services. The escort is under your care, meaning you are responsible for her safety.